PyCon SK 2018 Schedule

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All Machine Learning / AI Community / Diversity / Social Data Science DevOps Documentation Education Python General Security Soft Skills Hardware Web Development Other

Friday: Hall (-1.61)

09. March
09:00 Conference Opening
Talk Other
09:25 Break
09:30 English flag FaaS and Furious - Zero to Serverless in 60 seconds - Anywhere
Talk DevOps Alex Ellis
10:00 Coffee Break ☕
10:15 English flag Docs or it didn't happen
Talk Documentation Mikey Ariel
10:45 Coffee Break ☕
11:00 English flag GraphQL is the new black
Talk Web Development Tomáš Ehrlich
11:30 Break
11:35 English flag To the Google in 80 Days
Talk DevOps František Benko
12:05 Lunch 🍱
13:05 English flag Unsafe at Any Speed
Talk Python General Rae Knowler
13:50 Break
13:55 English flag Protecting Privacy and Security — For Yourself and Your Community
Talk Security Justin Mayer
14:25 Coffee Break ☕
14:40 English flag ZODB: The Graph database for Python Developers.
Talk Python General Christopher Lozinski
15:25 Break
15:30 English flag Differentiable programming in Python and Gluon for (not only medical) image analysis
Talk Machine Learning / AI Jan Margeta
16:00 Coffee Break ☕
16:15 English flag Vim your Python, Python your Vim
Talk Python General Miroslav Šedivý

Friday: Python Software Foundation Hall (-1.65)

09. March
09:00 Conference Opening in Hall
09:25 Break
09:30 Slovak flag Python Days in Martin and follow-up activities
Talk Education Lenka Huňorová
10:15 Break
10:20 Slovak flag Python programming till graduation
Talk Education Peter Kučera
10:50 Coffee Break ☕
11:05 Slovak flag Open educational resources for learning Python
Talk Education Ján Gondoľ
11:35 Break
11:40 Slovak flag About Ninjas and Mentors: CoderDojo in Slovakia
Talk Education Ernest Walzel
12:10 Lunch 🍱
13:10 Czech flag Community based courses
Talk Education Petr Viktorin
13:55 Break
14:00 Slovak flag How do we struggle with Python in Martin?
Talk Education Tomáš Dudík
14:30 Coffee Break ☕
14:45 Slovak flag Why hardware attracts kids and adults to IT
Talk Education Marek Mansell
15:30 Break
15:35 Slovak flag Panel discussion: Teaching IT in Slovakia - where is it heading?
Talk Education Zuzana Kubincová
16:35 Break
16:40 Slovak flag EDU Talks
Talk Education

Friday: SPy - Hall A (-1.57)

09. March
09:30 Slovak flag How to create interactive maps in Python / R
Workshop Data Science Martin Bago
10:30 Break
10:40 Czech flag Working with XML
Workshop Python General Václav Sauer
12:10 Lunch 🍱
13:10 Slovak flag Managing high-available applications in production
Workshop DevOps Matej Vetrák & Matej Čapkovič

Friday: SPy - Hall B (-1.57)

09. March

Saturday: Hall (-1.61)

10. March
09:00 Conference Opening
Talk Other
09:25 Break
09:30 English flag Solutions Reviews
Talk Community / Diversity / Social Krzysztof Żuraw
10:00 Break
10:05 English flag Campaign Automation & Abusing Celery Properly
Talk Python General Peter Dolák
10:35 Coffee Break ☕
10:50 English flag The Truth about Mastering Big Data
Talk Data Science Anton Caceres
11:20 Break
11:25 English flag Industrial Machine Learning: Building scalable distributed machine learning pipelines with Python
Talk Machine Learning / AI Alejandro Saucedo
11:55 Break
12:00 Programming contest Semi finale
12:30 Break
12:55 English flag Pythonic code, by example
Talk Python General Michael Kennedy
13:25 Break
13:30 English flag Our DevOps journey, is SRE the next stop?
Talk DevOps Martin Strycek
14:00 Coffee Break ☕
14:15 English flag Implementing distributed systems with Consul
Talk Python General Matúš Valo
14:45 Break
14:50 English flag Designing fast and scalable Python MicroServices with django
Talk Web Development Dinesh Joshi
15:20 Coffee Break ☕
15:35 English flag When your wetware has too many threads - Tips from an ADHDer on how to improve your focus
Talk Soft Skills Aaron Bassett
16:05 Break
16:10 English flag Programming Python as performance: live coding with FoxDot
Talk Other Ryan Kirkbride
16:55 Break
17:00 English flag Programming Contest Grand Finale
Talk Other
17:30 Break
17:35 Lightning Talks
Talk Other

Saturday: Python Software Foundation Hall (-1.65)

10. March
09:00 Conference Opening in Hall
09:25 Break
09:30 Slovak flag Meteo data in Python. Effectively.
Talk Data Science Miloš Korenčiak & Branislav Cief
10:00 Break
10:05 Czech flag Around the World in 30 minutes
Talk Data Science Štěpán Tomsa
10:35 Coffee Break ☕
10:50 Slovak flag LOCKED SHIELDS: What a good cyber testing looks like
Talk Security Peter Garaj
11:20 Break
11:25 Slovak flag in ZOO
Talk DevOps Stanislav Komanec
11:55 Lunch 🍱
12:55 Keynote in Hall
Talk Python General
13:25 Break
13:30 English flag Skynet your Infrastructure with QUADS
Talk DevOps Will Foster
14:00 Coffee Break ☕
14:15 English flag Automated network OS testing
Talk Other Tomáš Kubina
14:45 Break
14:50 English flag Tools to interact with Bitcoin and Ethereum
Talk Other Ondrej Sika
15:20 Coffee Break ☕
15:35 English flag 7 Steps to a Clean Issue Tracker
Talk Soft Skills Lasse Schuirmann
16:05 Break
16:10 English flag The Concierge Paradigm
Talk DevOps Gareth Brown

Saturday: SPy - Hall A (-1.57)

10. March

Saturday: SPy - Hall B (-1.57)

10. March
09:30 Slovak flag Microbit:Slovakia
Workshop Education Marek Mansell
12:30 Break
13:25 Slovak flag Coding in Python: A high-school programming lesson
Workshop Education Peter Kučera

Saturday: Hallway

10. March
09:30 Programming contest
11:05 Break
13:30 Conference organizers meetup
Community / Diversity / Social

Sunday: Hall (-1.61)

11. March
10:15 Slovak flag Charon and the way out from a pickle hell
Talk Python General Peter Bábics
10:45 Break
10:50 Slovak flag Making Python Behave
Talk Python General Vladimir Kopso
11:20 Coffee Break ☕
11:35 Slovak flag “Secret” information about the code we write
Talk Python General Tibor Arpáš
12:05 Break
12:10 English flag How to connect objects with each other in different situations with Pythonic ways - association, aggregation, composition and etc.
Talk Python General Goga Patarkatsishvili
12:40 Lunch 🍱
13:40 English flag APIs: Gateway to world's data
Talk Web Development Martin Strapko
14:10 Break
14:15 English flag Getting started with HDF5 and PyTables
Talk Data Science Giacomo Debidda
14:45 Coffee Break ☕
15:00 English flag Real-time personalized recommendations using embeddings
Talk Machine Learning / AI Jakub Mačina
15:30 Break
15:35 Quiz
Talk Other

Sunday: Python Software Foundation Hall (-1.65)

11. March
10:15 English flag Real-time transcription and sentiment analysis of audio streams; on the phone and in the browser
Workshop Machine Learning / AI Aaron Bassett
14:15 Lunch 🍱
14:55 English flag Learn MongoDB by modeling PyPI in a document database
Workshop Python General Michael Kennedy

Sunday: SPy - Hall A (-1.57)

11. March
10:15 English flag Testing Essentials for Scientists and Engineers
Workshop Data Science Claus Aichinger
13:15 Coffee Break ☕
13:30 Czech flag Cython: Speed up your code without going insane
Workshop Python General Miro Hrončok

Sunday: SPy - Hall B (-1.57)

11. March

Sunday: Django Girls Auditorium (+1.31)

11. March
08:00 Django Girls
Workshop Web Development

Sunday: Hallway

11. March
11:00 English flag Documentation clinic/helpdesk
Workshop Documentation Mikey Ariel