Martin Strycek

Martin Strycek (SK)

Martin was Head of Technology at Exponea - one of the fastest growing companies in marketing automation and analytics field. He also led development teams at Piano Media - a world leading media pay-wall solution) and helped the company grow into one of the global leaders in online subscription monetisation solutions. Currently, he is working as Engineering manager towards improving disaster recovery capabilities, postmortems and cost allocation of infrastructure at

Our DevOps journey, is SRE the next stop?
English flag Talk DevOps Hall (-1.61)
Saturday 10. March: 13:30

Over past few years we see significant raise in technology requirements, complexity of managing and delivering high reliability systems. Based on our first-hand experience we see that there does not exist one silver bullet way of doing DevOps and way how you manage Continuous Delivery features. At the transformation went from small applications to complex micro services architectures. This change did also impact the infrastructure not only by numbers of servers, also on complexity of the system and ended with hybrid model of cloud and bare metal solution. In this talk I will cover how our team of DevOps and Engineers battles with tasks such as deployment to many enviroments, infrastructure changes, monitoring and also creation of processes and runbooks. We believe that this talk can inspire you to adapt changes within your teams and never stop improving how you manage your infrastructure.