Claus Aichinger (AT)

I am a Data Scientist, instructor and (co)organizer of PyDays Vienna. I enjoy programming, computing and "structuring things" as well as learning and sharing insights and opinions.

Mikey Ariel (CZ)

You might know her as That Docs Lady, and you won't be wrong! Mikey spent the better part of the last 10 years documenting super-geeky enterprise software, most recently for OpenStack Platform at Red Hat. She is also a community lead for Write the Docs, Django Girls alumni, and documentation coach for open-source projects.

Since crash-landing on open-source planet in 2013, Mikey presented talks and wrote articles about docs, DevOps, and community. She also runs documentation workshops, hackfests, and sprints at developer events, primarily for the Python and Django communities but also Fedora, Plone, KDE, and NixOS.

Tibor Arpáš (SK)

Programátor na voľnej nohe s 10-ročnými skúsenosťami s tvorbou firemných aplikácií (enterprise software). Aktuálne zamestnáva subdodávateľov a poskytuje outsourcing malých vývojárskych tímov pod hlavičkou Jazyk Python objavil v roku 2007 a odvtedy je to jeho primárny programovací jazyk. Má rád outdoorové športy, obľubuje lietanie bez motora (plachtenie).

Peter Bábics (SK)

Pracuje ako softwarový vývojár vo firme Quantlane, ktorá se zaoberá obchodovaním nielen na akciových trhoch. Vo firme rieši vývoj a devops. Medzi jeho profesionálne záujmy patria Python, C++ a Machine Learning.

Martin Bago (SK)

Martin is a Data Scientist in one of the most progressive slovak star-ups, Instarea. His job is to visualize data outputs in understandable form for public use. You can see his work at or on LinkedIn profile. Martin is passionate driver, football&beer lover, graduate from FEI and MTF STU.

Aaron Bassett (GB)

I'm a senior software engineer turned developer advocate at Nexmo. A bit of a tinkerer, always creating new things with code or electronics. But generally, I make cool stuff and help other people make unbelievably cool stuff 🔥🔥🎉

František Benko (SK)

Working at Exponea as DevOps Engineer for about a year after finishing studies of Telecommunications at FEI STU in Bratislava. Virtualization and container platforms were always his passion.

Gareth Brown (GB)

Gareth has been working with DevOps organisations and DevOps tools like monitoring systems for over 13 years. Gareth would like to share his experience of running containers in production from the early days to scaling and operating in cloud environments. The pains and strains of previous decisions and our successes with The Autopilot Pattern and ultimately developing the Concierge Paradigm to drastically simplify containers at scale.

Anton Caceres (UA)

Developer and entrepreneur running an agency in Munich. I code and organize the PyMunich group, PyConWeb, FrontConf and more. Love the Python community, happy to share and learn!

Matej Čapkovič (SK)

Matej is a senior DevOps engineer and backend developer at Exponea with experience in Python and a passion for automatization, scaling and service oriented architectures. Before joining Exponea, Matej led the development team at the biggest webhosting company in Slovakia and also co-founded successful startup.

Branislav Cief (SK)

Backend developer (Python & NodeJS) and scrum master in Solargis. Back in the days my life was flowing outside of programming, but due to laziness while GIS analysis and keen interest in web mapping I dived deeper into the topic. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, outdoor sports (hiking, freeride skiing & surfing) or just chilling and absorbing what the world offers.

Giacomo Debidda (IT)

I am a former biomedical/clinical engineer fallen in love with programming. I use Python for data science and Javascript for data visualizations.
Always leave the codebase cleaner than you found it.

Daniel Dobiaš (SK)

Started with Basic G on PMD 85-3, loved gaming on Atari, tinkered with Pascal on PC, made some noise with Fast Tracker and the then fell in love with Linux and FOSS before the end of the last century. Daniel likes to automate things, run stuff in containers and operate a coffee grinder. System administrator by heart.

Currently working as CI/CD Engineer at Sygic.

Peter Dolák (SK)

Contributing to Exponea's core product mostly as a backend developer in Python and C++ for over 3 years since finishing studies at Computer Science at FMFI UK BA, helping Exponea to become the fastest growing SaaS company in Europe. Also co-founded a once popular gaming-related web application and developed a few closed-source non-profit projects.

Tomáš Dudík (SK)

Učiteľ na strednej škole v Martine.

Tomáš Ehrlich (CZ)

Full-stack developer who loves Python but got stuck in Javascript world for a long time and now is drifting somewhere in between. Passionate triathlete and wannabe entrepreneur.

Alex Ellis (GB)

Alex Ellis is a Docker Captain, the lead and author of the award-winning open-source serverless project OpenFaaS. Alex has 12 years of experience writing enterprise software and scaling distributed systems for over 500k clients. He is well known in the cloud and container community where he mentors and writes on all things tech from Docker to Raspberry Pi.

Will Foster (IE)

Hobo DevOp/Sysadmin and all-around nice guy living in Dublin, Ireland. I work primarily within the Engineering R&D space at Red Hat. Significant interests include comedy, travel, technology and enjoying great food, beer and wine. A lifelong skateboard enthusiast, I try to snowboard when possible. You can read my blog at or find me on twitter @sadsfae.

Peter Garaj (SK)

Peter je širokospektrálny informatik zaoberjúci sa programovaním od raspberry po paralelné programovaice jazyky, momentálne pracujúci v štátnej správe. V minulosti sa zaoberal návrhom, prevádzkou a bezpečnosťou vojenských informačných systémov. Medzi jeho ďalšie aktivity patrí mediálna politika, 3D modelovanie a tlač a celosvetový mier.

Ján Gondoľ (SK)

^^^ kliknite na meno a pozrite si LinkedIn profil... :-)

Miro Hrončok (CZ)

Miro Hrončok is a free software engineer at Red Hat and also a teacher at FIT ČVUT (Faculty of Information Technology in Prague), where he teaches (among other things) about some advanced concepts and libraries in Python.

Miro loves writing stuff in Python and Cython. He hates to write in C, but he'd rather write in C than in Java :)

Miro is part of the large group of people who help to create the Fedora Linux distribution. His current mission is to make Fedora the best OS for Python developers.

Lenka Huňorová (SK)

Učiteľka odborných predmetov na SPŠ Martin od roku 1992.

Katharine Jarmul (DE)

Katharine Jarmul is a pythonista and founder of Kjamistan, a data science and machine learning consulting company in Berlin, Germany. She's been using Python since 2008 to solve and create problems. She helped form the first PyLadies chapter in Los Angeles in 2010, and co-authored an O'Reilly book along with several video courses on Python and data. She enjoys following the latest developments in machine learning, natural language processing and workflow automation infrastructure and is generally chatty and crabby on Twitter, where you can keep up with her latest shenanigans (@kjam).

Dinesh Joshi (US)

Dinesh A. Joshi has been a professional Software Engineer for over a decade building highly scalable realtime Web Services and Streaming Data Processing Architectures serving over 1 billion devices. He started his career with Python & C++. He has used Python for over a decade for professional as well as personal side projects. Dinesh has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Věroš Kaplan (CZ)

Věroš used to be Dev but he is now working mainly as an Ops guy.

While looking for DevOps enlightenment, he keeps himself best by hacking with random things and products - from Kubernetes to MicroPython.

Michael Kennedy (US)

Michael Kennedy is a technologist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the host and founder of the two most popular Python podcasts: Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He teaches online courses for developers through his business Talk Python Training. Michael loves to help fellow podcasters and developers make their way in the world. Connect with him on Twitter via @mkennedy and check out his podcasts as and .

Ryan Kirkbride (GB)

Ryan is currently in the middle of his practice-led PhD researching communication and collaboration in live coding ensembles through software development, composition, and performance. He developed the Python-driven live coding language, FoxDot, for live coding musical patterns with a focus on object-oriented and creating dynamic musical systems. He performs regularly on the "Algorave" circuit under the moniker of “Qirky” and is also a founding member of The Yorkshire Programming Ensemble (TYPE), alongside Lucy Cheesman and Laurie Johnson, who enjoy exploring constraints for group improvisation as composition and generally making a lot of noise.

Rae Knowler (CH)

Rae Knowler is a web developer in Zürich, where they develop product data APIs and work on Open Data projects. They are interested in the fascinating, comical and sometimes tragic results of attempting to cram the complexity of life and society into computer systems. In their spare time they read a lot of science fiction and hug cats.

Stanislav Komanec (SK)

Stanislav is and accomplished developer, who worked on many key projects within and helped to grew the company where it is now. He stepped outside of his comfort zone and grew into a very good people manager. His outstanding technical skills in combination with soft skills enable him to be effective at his job as Platform team leader. Among his hobbies are whisky tasting, business and solving real world technological problems.

Vladimir Kopso (CZ)

I am a senior test engineer working for SolarWinds Pingdom, currently in charge of writing a brand new end to end automation framework and the test suite.

Miloš Korenčiak (SK)

Actually programmer @ I am almost absolute back end-ist and Python-ist.
I love nice algorithms and class designs, optimistic books (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ;-)), good music and countryside.

Tomáš Kubina (SK)

I started as a software developer working on projects under Masaryk University Brno, where I also graduated. Since 2010 I have been working as a Senior Network Engineer at Orange Business Services, where I am part of a team responsible for testing CISCO and Juniper OS. I met Python two years ago and since that time it is my best partner to make things automated and better working.
I like networking, coding, F1, drums, my wife, my son and borovicka :-).

Peter Kučera (SK)

Pôsobí ako učiteľ informatiky na 1. súkromnom gymnáziu v Bratislave. Je členom predmetovej komisie informatiky pri Štátnom pedagogickom ústave. Vytvoril učebnice Programujeme v Pythone spolu s Príručkami pre učiteľa a e-knihou Testy k učebnici. Vedie Klub učiteľov informatiky. Realizuje školenia jazyka Python pre učiteľov. Na praxi pripravuje študentov učiteľstva informatiky (fakultný učiteľ FMFI UK).

Christopher Lozinski (PL)

Christopher Lozinski is an MIT graduate, serial entrepreneur, dual US-EU citizen, and polyglot. Instead of seeking Venture Capital, he moved from Silicon Valley to Poland. He started using the ZODB in 1999, built a number of products with it, most recently, and has now released the open source ZodbDemo.

Jakub Mačina (SK)

My name is Jakub Macina and I work as an AI Engineer at Exponea. I have MSc in Information Systems at Slovak University of Technology focusing on machine learning and information retrieval. My research background is in the field of recommendation with a publication at a premier conference on recommender systems ACM RecSys. I co-founded a back pain preventing student project Spine Hero, winner of the Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs 2015 and semifinalist of the Microsoft Imagine Cup. I am passionate about movement and open source software (Google Summer of Code 2017 student, contributor to discussion platform Discourse).

Marek Mansell (SK)

Marek je podpredsedom občianskeho združenia SPy, ktoré organizuje konferenciu PyCon ako aj workshopy pre nadšencov programovacieho jazyka Python a pre učiteľov informatiky. Pôsobí ako lektor pre výuku hardvéru a zaoberá sa tvorbou online materiálov pre túto problematiku. Mimo toho pracuje ako vývojár hardvérových prototypov, študuje internetové technológie na FIIT STU a líderstvo v Nexteria Leadership Academy. Vo voľnom čase sa taktiež venuje mentorovaniu stredoškolákov pri tvorbe ich vlastných softvérových alebo hardvérových projektov.

Jan Margeta (SK)

Jan is the founder of KardioMe, a Python aficionado, and a white water kayaker. He did his PhD in machine learning for automated medical image analysis with Inria Sophia Antipolis, MINES ParisTech, and Microsoft Research in Cambridge. He is excited about solving real-world challenges in how we treat cardiac diseases and how to reduce waste in manufacturing. Jan is passionate about using technology to push the boundaries of human knowledge, teaching computers to see, solving hard challenges with data, and making our planet a sustainable place. He enjoys spreading his excitement about human hearts and Python at PyCon SK, PyDays Vienna, PyData Bratislava or PyParis.

Justin Mayer (US)

Justin Mayer is a serial entrepreneur, active open-source contributor, and advocate for stronger security and privacy. His latest projects include, a solution for identifying and addressing potential security vulnerabilities, and, which enables anyone to create their own private, self-contained VPN.

Justin speaks fluent Japanese, graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley, and received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business.

Justin writes about security and privacy on the web at and via @JMayer on Twitter.

Michal Nalevanko (SK)

Michal has successfully managed to join two of his biggest passions: coding and investing. As the chief strategist in a research firm he develops and tests different investment and trading approaches while overseeing his clients' investment portfolios. He is a keen number cruncher and a statistics enthusiast, a combination that explains his true passion for Python. Leading a pandas workshop at PyCon SK 2018 is a huge step out of his comfort zone.

Goga Patarkatsishvili (GE)

I'm backend software engineer with the passion of big data, currently working with Pyspark, Mongodb and Oracle databases in several interesting projects, also studying for a PhD in Computer Science and have honor to be Python lecturer at Georgian Business and Technology University

Stefan Prodan (GB)

Stefan Prodan is a Developer Experience engineer at Weaveworks and an OpenFaaS core contributor. Previously he worked as a software architect and a DevOps consultant, helping companies embrace DevOps and the SRE movement. Stefan has over 15 years of experience with software development and he enjoys programming in Go and writing about distributed systems.

Tomáš Pytel (SK)

Tomas is working as DevOps Engineer and SysAdmin at

He is using Python and Ansible on daily basis to speed up CI/CD and development processes. Tomas is maintaining infrastructure with million hits per day from worldwide audience.

He is a PyCon SK volunteer and passionate Pythonista.

Alejandro Saucedo (GB)

Alejandro Saucedo is the Head of Deployed (ML) Engineering at Eigen Technologies, a Machine Learning LegalTech company, leading 10+ ML and DevOps engineers in London and New York. Alejandro is also the Founder and CTO at Exponential Technologies, a ML consultancy that tackles challenges in industrial sectors. In his previous lives he co-founded HackTrain, a technology consultancy that operated in the railway sector, worked as a Full-stack software developer at Bloomberg LP, and started HackaGlobal which is a global NGO that created multiple hackathon communities around the world that are still active to date.

Václav Sauer (CZ)

Studoval jsem na FIT VUT v Brně, nyní pracuji v a zajímam se o Python a komunitu kolem.

Lasse Schuirmann (DE)

Lasse is the founder of the open source project with more than 500 developers over the project duration and focuses now on entrepreneurship. With his company he works towards improving the lifes of software developers, currently by automating issue triaging. He loves talking at conferences all around the world about awesome and more importantly fun stuff.

Miroslav Šedivý (DE)

Senior Software Architect at UBIMET GmbH. Born in Czechoslovakia, studied in France, living in Germany. Using Python to make the sun shine and the wind blow. hjkl juggler and languages enthusiast.

Started with Python while it was in version 2.5, but moved to Python 3 in the past years. Types in Neovim and IPython and usually imports few libs from the asyncio and pandas ecosystem. Enjoys discovering the world of unicode and timezones.

Ondrej Sika (CZ)

I am a software engineer at Slush Pool since 2014 and early Bitcoiner. I work on the mining backend of the pool. I'm interested in liberty, decentralization and openness (code & mind).

Martin Strapko (SK)

During his time at Cellense, Martin was lead analyst for various game companies all over the world. Since 2016 he was the lead integration engineer at Steam marketing analytics platform BuffPanel. Martin also played a crucial role in development of a scalable analytics solution based on Google BigQuery. He is a mentor at Django Girls, and he frequently attends game jams such as Ludum Dare.

Martin Strycek (SK)

Martin was Head of Technology at Exponea - one of the fastest growing companies in marketing automation and analytics field. He also led development teams at Piano Media - a world leading media pay-wall solution) and helped the company grow into one of the global leaders in online subscription monetisation solutions. Currently, he is working as Engineering manager towards improving disaster recovery capabilities, postmortems and cost allocation of infrastructure at

Maciej Szulik (PL)

Maciej is a passionate developer with over 10 years of experience in many languages. Currently, he is hacking on and CPython's IMAP library by night. Whereas in the light of day, he's working on OpenShift and Kubernetes for Red Hat. In his spare time he organizes PyCon PL, helps reviewing talks for PyCon, talks at various events and meet ups around Europe.

Štěpán Tomsa (CZ)

Jazykozpytec, škarohlíd, mrzout… Již mnohaletý (asi senior prej) PHP vývojář z povolání. Zatím koníčkový, již brzy i profesionální (no, ehm… junior, batole) Ruby vývojář. Několikaletý pomocný kouč na ostravských PyLadies. Hrdá slezská náplava. Jediný člověk na světě, který si jako novoroční předsevzetí dal častější hraní počítačových her.

Matúš Valo (SK)

Matus is Software engineer in Ness KE where he develops back end solutions for Solar Turbines. He met python for the first time during his studies and python is his language of first choice since then. He is also fan of open-source and GNU/Linux. When not programming, he spends his spare time with his family.

Matej Vetrák (SK)

Matej Vetrak is a senior DevOps engineer that has been puzzled for the longest time as how to build a proper high-available infrastructure composed of many small collaborative services for systems at huge scale, until he got a change to build one. His favourite programming language is Python and he is interested in a Docker, Kubernetes and open-source community in general. He is currently employed by Exponea.

Petr Viktorin (CZ)

During the day, Petr leads the Python Maintenance team at Red Hat.

In the evenings, he likes to teach Python to others.

Ernest Walzel (SK)

Ernest je spoluorganizátorom bezplatného programátorského klubu CoderDojo Bratislava, kde pomáha mladým ľuďom pracovať na ich vlastných projektoch za pomoci technických mentorov. Chce otvárať ďalšie kluby po celom Slovensku a hľadá do nich posily.

Ernest sa živí programovaním. Pracoval v britskom Amazone, škótskom Edinburgh Genomics, a v litovskom startupe Feedpresso. Dnes programuje pre mimovládku Slovensko.Digital.

Krzysztof Żuraw (PL)

From Wrocław, Poland where I work as a Python and Javascript developer. Besides coding, I'm a passionate toastmaster. I am keen on running, meeting new people and doing some street workout.