Tomáš Ehrlich

Tomáš Ehrlich (CZ)

Full-stack developer who loves Python but got stuck in Javascript world for a long time and now is drifting somewhere in between. Passionate triathlete and wannabe entrepreneur.

GraphQL is the new black
English flag Talk Web Development Hall (-1.61)
Friday 09. March: 11:00

GraphQL is a query language for web APIs, an alternative to REST. It allows clients to define the structure of the required data. It’s strongly typed and allows introspection, which make clients more flexible.

The talk will demonstrate usage of GraphQL on examples with Graphene (, a GraphQL framework for Python. Most developers are familiar with REST APIs, so the talk will compare GraphQL with REST, how they differ and what problems GraphQL is trying to solve.

The outline is following:

- Comparison of GraphQL with REST API.
- Queries, data types and introspection
- Mutations