Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown (GB)

Gareth has been working with DevOps organisations and DevOps tools like monitoring systems for over 13 years. Gareth would like to share his experience of running containers in production from the early days to scaling and operating in cloud environments. The pains and strains of previous decisions and our successes with The Autopilot Pattern and ultimately developing the Concierge Paradigm to drastically simplify containers at scale.

The Concierge Paradigm
English flag Talk DevOps
Python Software Foundation Hall (-1.65)
Saturday 10. March: 16:10

The Concierge Paradigm idea was born over time but initially came from challenges we had by working out how to operate scalable and enterprise-grade application containers. This meant monitoring, logging, deploying, scaling, load-balancing and service discovery. We needed to do this both on-premise and in AWS. We were running some docker tasks in ECS and a Kubernetes and CoreOS cluster on-premise but we hadn't chosen these by researching different options, they were pretty much the first options we came across. We'd felt the difficulties of our decision, so started to look out to the wider community at other options.

This is the story of what we discovered. How we made our application monitoring more efficient and accurate; how we radically simplified the infrastructure needed for running containers and how we utilised Zabbix as an container scheduler.