Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis (GB)

Alex Ellis is a Docker Captain, the lead and author of the award-winning open-source serverless project OpenFaaS. Alex has 12 years of experience writing enterprise software and scaling distributed systems for over 500k clients. He is well known in the cloud and container community where he mentors and writes on all things tech from Docker to Raspberry Pi.

FaaS and Furious - Zero to Serverless in 60 seconds - Anywhere
English flag Talk DevOps Hall (-1.61)
Friday 09. March: 09:30

OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) makes building serverless functions simple by using containers to avoid vendor-lock-in. That means you can run your functions on your own terms - anywhere.
This talk introduces the OpenFaaS project, how to build functions and then explores real-world examples of how and why people are leveraging an event-driven architecture for data science, cancer research and automation on-premise.

You can deploy OpenFaaS in 60 seconds on Kubernetes and other orchestrators through the extensible architecture. Functions can then be built using code templates for your favourite programming language or deployed directly from the community Function Store. The project focuses on ease of use through its UI and CLI which can be used to test and monitor functions. Observability and auto-scaling for demand are provided through integrations with Prometheus and AlertManager.

OpenFaaS won Best Cloud Computing Software 2017 from InfoWorld and has a thriving community with 70 contributors, 1500 commits and over 9k stars.

Serverless with OpenFaaS and Python
English flag Workshop DevOps
SPy - Hall B (-1.57)
Sunday 11. March: 13:30

We'll go through the basics of OpenFaaS with Python such as:

* Initial setup
* Create a function
* Access HTTP Headers, environment variables and secrets
* Add a new language template
* Troubleshooting
* Chaining functions
* Async functions
* Monitoring functions
* Securing OpenFaaS for public use (TLS, Basic Auth)
* Object storage with Minio