Matej Čapkovič

Matej Čapkovič (SK)

Matej is a senior DevOps engineer and backend developer at Exponea with experience in Python and a passion for automatization, scaling and service oriented architectures. Before joining Exponea, Matej led the development team at the biggest webhosting company in Slovakia and also co-founded successful startup.

Managing high-available applications in production
Slovak flag Workshop DevOps
SPy - Hall A (-1.57)
Friday 09. March: 13:10

In this workshop we’ll look at common problems that all developers are facing in the latest trends of the ever changing scalable app world. We’ll learn how to deploy, scale, and manage high-available microservices using Docker, Kubernetes and other open-source tools.

We will also address some of these problems: building and deploying applications, pipelines, rolling updates, load balancing, scaling, replication, configuration, health checking and self healing, monitoring, alerting, log aggregation, resource constraints, capacity planning, data stores, security, key management, debugging and best practices.

Who should attend?

People who are interested in containerized applications, are in the process of moving to microservice architecture or are managing high-available production environments.

Why you should attend?

You want to start using Kubernetes in development and production.

You are already using Kubernetes, but you are not ready for production.

You would like to better understand new trend of high-available microservices.

How to prepare for the workshop?

Bring laptop with installed minikube:
and docker: