Matúš Valo

Matúš Valo (SK)

Matus is Software engineer in Ness KE where he develops back end solutions for Solar Turbines. He met python for the first time during his studies and python is his language of first choice since then. He is also fan of open-source and GNU/Linux. When not programming, he spends his spare time with his family.

Implementing distributed systems with Consul
English flag Talk Python General Hall (-1.61)
Saturday 10. March: 14:15

Developing distributed systems is hard. Implementing distributed system from scratch requires knowledge of specialized algorithms and programming techniques. Consul is distributed system which enables us to build distributed system only by using Consul HTTP API. In our presentation, we are going to show basic concepts of consul, building our own consul cluster and showing how consul can be used for implementing distributed system. Our discussion will include also showing how we can benefit from consul even when using already existing python distributed components.