Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy (US)


Michael Kennedy is a technologist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the host and founder of the two most popular Python podcasts: Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He teaches online courses for developers through his business Talk Python Training. Michael loves to help fellow podcasters and developers make their way in the world. Connect with him on Twitter via @mkennedy and check out his podcasts as https://talkpython.fm and https://pythonbytes.fm .

Pythonic code, by example
English flag Talk Python General
Kiwi.com Hall (-1.61)
Saturday 10. March: 12:55

We often hear the term Pythonic thrown around, but what exactly does it mean? This talk will take you on a tour of some of the more important pythonic concepts. You will see many examples of perfectly functional Python code that is quite non-pythonic. We will evolve that code into more an idiomatic form that fits better with the Python language and its users.

Learn MongoDB by modeling PyPI in a document database
English flag Workshop Python General
Python Software Foundation Hall (-1.65)
Sunday 11. March: 14:55

MongoDB was the most wanted database technology of 2017 among developers. Python is one of the true premier languages to work with MongoDB. Its dictionaries and classes map perfectly to document databases' JSON-like records. In this workshop, you will learn to build rich, real-world applications based on MongoDB and Python. You'll learn about modeling data, performance, and deployment considerations.