Martin Strapko

Martin Strapko (SK)

During his time at Cellense, Martin was lead analyst for various game companies all over the world. Since 2016 he was the lead integration engineer at Steam marketing analytics platform BuffPanel. Martin also played a crucial role in development of a scalable analytics solution based on Google BigQuery. He is a mentor at Django Girls, and he frequently attends game jams such as Ludum Dare.

APIs: Gateway to world's data
English flag Talk Web Development Hall (-1.61)
Sunday 11. March: 13:40

Today, APIs all around the web provide access to big volumes of valuable information. Combining multiple 3rd party sources with your own company's data can often help paint a bigger picture. Come and find out how we used Python to integrate various APIs such as Steam, Facebook and Appsflyer, and learn the tricks we used to do it.