Dinesh Joshi

Dinesh Joshi (US)


Dinesh A. Joshi has been a professional Software Engineer for over a decade building highly scalable realtime Web Services and Streaming Data Processing Architectures serving over 1 billion devices. He started his career with Python & C++. He has used Python for over a decade for professional as well as personal side projects. Dinesh has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Designing fast and scalable Python MicroServices with django
English flag Talk Web Development
Kiwi.com Hall (-1.61)
Saturday 10. March: 14:50

django, combined with the django REST framework, makes it very easy to build RESTful MicroServices. However, django is perceived to have some overhead making it hard to build fast and scalable MicroServices. This talk shows you how to squeeze the last bit of performance from django. We will focus on django’s key architectural components and the right way to use them. Using profiling, we will identify bottlenecks and fix them enabling you to build scalable RESTful services that play to django’s strengths. At the end of the talk you will have a good handle on building scalable MicroServices with django.