List of talks at PyCon SK 2018

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APIs: Gateway to world's data
English flag Talk Web Development

Martin Strapko (SK)

Today, APIs all around the web provide access to big volumes of valuable information. Combining multiple 3rd party sources with your own company's data can often help paint a bigger picture. Come and find out how we used Python to integrate various APIs such as Steam, Facebook and Appsflyer, and learn the tricks we used to do it.

Designing fast and scalable Python MicroServices with django
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Dinesh Joshi (US)

django, combined with the django REST framework, makes it very easy to build RESTful MicroServices. However, django is perceived to have some overhead making it hard to build fast and scalable MicroServices. This talk shows you how to squeeze the last bit of performance from django. We will focus on django’s key architectural components and the right way to use them. Using profiling, we will identify bottlenecks and fix them enabling you to build scalable RESTful services that play to django’s strengths. At the end of the talk you will have a good handle on building scalable MicroServices with django.

GraphQL is the new black
English flag Talk Web Development

Tomáš Ehrlich (CZ)

GraphQL is a query language for web APIs, an alternative to REST. It allows clients to define the structure of the required data. It’s strongly typed and allows introspection, which make clients more flexible.

The talk will demonstrate usage of GraphQL on examples with Graphene (, a GraphQL framework for Python. Most developers are familiar with REST APIs, so the talk will compare GraphQL with REST, how they differ and what problems GraphQL is trying to solve.

The outline is following:

- Comparison of GraphQL with REST API.
- Queries, data types and introspection
- Mutations