List of talks at PyCon SK 2018

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LOCKED SHIELDS: What a good cyber testing looks like
Slovak flag Talk Security

Peter Garaj (SK)

Cvičenie Locked Shields je organizované Centrom výnimočnosti pre oblasť kybernetickej obrany (CCD CoE). Svojou veľkosťou, rozsiahlosťou a zameraním je Lockes Shields jedným s najunikátnejších kybercvičení na svete. Ako človek, ktorý sa tohto každoročného cvičenia sporadicky zúčastňuje by som rád povedal niečo o tom, ako to vypadá zvnútra a ako sa slovenská vojenská kybernetická elita cvičí na zásah proti kybernarušiteľom.

Protecting Privacy and Security — For Yourself and Your Community
English flag Talk Security

Justin Mayer (US)

Internet service providers, ad networks, governments… Many organizations have increasing access to our personal information. Protecting privacy in this environment is a non-trivial effort, and the threats posed by malicious attackers further exacerbates this problem. We, as developers, owe it to ourselves and to our communities to do the best we can to improve our collective security and privacy.

Attendees of this talk will walk away with a thorough understanding of the following topics and the problems they solve:

* multi-factor authentication
* encrypted DNS
* SSH/VPN tunnels
* full disk encryption
* compartment isolation
* “onion-skin” routing

In addition, digital interactions with other people increasingly occur via hosted services, which while convenient can compromise the privacy, integrity, and control of our data. With some open-source software and inexpensive virtual servers, we can take back control and empower us all to securely share our lives with one another.