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7 krokov k čistému issue trackeru
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Lasse Schuirmann (DE)

A lot of open source maintainers suffer from having to maintain the flood of incoming issues/tikets on their project. We've scraped more than 10000 GitHub projects and interviewed more than 100 software developers and project managers of companies like GitLab. As a result, we have identified a few simple steps that can help managing the load of issues.

This talk sums up the steps and approaches needed to deal with this as well as automate it.

For a full summary, check out [our blog post with GitLab][1].

[1]: https://about.gitlab.com/2017/10/26/triage-issues-gitmate/

# Who and Why

(1) The talk is for project managers and open source maintainers or software developers that deal with issues every day. This includes specifically people working in teams with more than 30 issues a month opened.

(2) There's no background knowledge needed. The talk will be best for people who have triaged issues before at least in a small scale and recognize the problem, they will be able to pick up the approaches better and faster.

(3) On an emotional level, I expect the audience to get to know the "attitude" needed to get rid of noise when triaging issues. After the talk, they should have a few concrete steps in mind that they can try using in the first days and eventually deduct their own process from it.

Keď váš mozog má príliš veľa threadov - tipy od ADHD ako zvýšiť koncentráciu
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Aaron Bassett (GB)

My brain is different. The regions involved in concentration, impulse control, and inhibition are smaller than usual; Like somewhere between 5% and 12% of adults I have ADHD. Even if you do not have the disorder yourself you probably work, live or know someone who does. But the world is not designed for people with ADHD, so to be successful I’ve had to develop techniques to keep my concentration and procrastination in check.

In this talk, we’ll briefly look at what ADHD is and how it impairs not only concentration but also executive function. Then we’ll explore how changes in the workplace can benefit not just those with ADHD, but anyone whose work requires creativity or extended periods of focus. Next, we’ll look at some persistent myths about productivity, and what you can do personally to increase your concentration and output without burning out. Then I’ll present some techniques you can rollout within your team to remove distractions while improving the quality of communication.