Zoznam prednášok na PyCon SK 2018

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Automatizované testovanie sieťového operačného systému
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Tomáš Kubina (SK)

Our target was to automate recurring testing done to secure stability of software deployed for Orange BS international networks (JunOS, CISCO IOS).
Target is to make this automation as reliable as manual tests, user-friendly, faster, so people can focus on more complex test and simple and mid-simple test to be executed during nights/weekends and be able to run them more frequently.

We have an lab network and decided to use NAPALM framework (library that implements a set of functions to interact with different router vendor devices using a unified API) as it supports all types of devices that we need to test. There is support for configuring devices, but mainly for retrieving operational state of devices, that is key for our testing.

As a result of several months work we have now basic environment for testing thanks to NAPALM, but for our need we had to extend it with several functions for parsing operational data. These functions are covering different areas as IS-IS, LDP, BFD, BGP, PIM, MPLS TE and help us to properly check overall status of the box. As I work for OBS these functions are Service Provider oriented. Our goal is to publish them either as part of NAPALM official package or external extension. So also others can benefit from the work that was done as part our project.

Programovanie v Pythone ako performance: živé kódenie s FoxDotom
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Ryan Kirkbride (GB)

In this talk I will introduce the topic of live coding; the interactive programming experience for generating audio and visuals but this talk will mainly focus on audio. Live coders use programming languages to describe rules for generating music but then re-write these rules while the program is running. By continually writing and re-writing these rules live coders creating a shifting musical experience that is always in flux. All of this happens live in front of audience with the code projected for all to see. I will go on to discuss the multiple tools that are available for live coding and showcase the FoxDot environment, which allows you to live code music using Python. I will talk about the motivation for developing FoxDot and describe some of its key features as well as how you can set it up yourself at home. The talk will be concluded with a short demonstration that will be part explanation and part performance.

Nástroje na interakciu s Bitcoinom a Ethereom
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Ondrej Sika (CZ)

You probably know Bitcoin. Nowadays, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ecosystem is one of fastest growing industries. Many people build software on the top of those distributed networks. I'll show you tools you can use to interact with Bitcoin and Ethereum. From simple stuff like wallets and transaction to playing with smart contracts.