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Efektívna prevádzka pythonských aplikácií v Kubernetes/OpenShift
Anglická zástava Workshop DevOps

Maciej Szulik (PL)

Google, Red Hat, Intel, Huawei, Mirantis, Deis and many, many others are investing a lot of time and effort into improving Kubernetes. I bet, you have encountered that name at least once in the past twelve months, either on Hacker News, Reddit, or somewhere else. Do you want to learn more about the best container orchestration in the universe, but were afraid of the setup complexity? Do you want to see how easy it is to run any application using containers? Do you want to experience the joy of scaling application with a single click? This, and a lot more will be discussed in details.

In this tutorial, every attendee will be provided with an environment, and step by step instructions necessary to setup the environment, build and deploy a microservices based sample application. Alternatively, a sample application of any choosing can be used throughout the entire tutorial. All that will be performed on OpenShift, which is a Red Hat distribution of Kuberenets with some add-ons that will be described in details at the beginning of the tutorial. To wet your appetite even more, here are some of the topics we are going to cover:

- automatic build and deployment
- git integration
- image registry integration
- scaling application
- containers security
- batch tasks

and much more.

After the session, every person will be able to play around with the accompanying code repository that was used in the tutorial, which includes detailed instructions how to run it on your own from scratch.

Faas: rýchlo a zbesilo - od nuly do bezserverovej prevádzky za 60 sekúnd - kdekoľvek
Anglická zástava Prednáška DevOps

Alex Ellis (GB)

OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) makes building serverless functions simple by using containers to avoid vendor-lock-in. That means you can run your functions on your own terms - anywhere.
This talk introduces the OpenFaaS project, how to build functions and then explores real-world examples of how and why people are leveraging an event-driven architecture for data science, cancer research and automation on-premise.

You can deploy OpenFaaS in 60 seconds on Kubernetes and other orchestrators through the extensible architecture. Functions can then be built using code templates for your favourite programming language or deployed directly from the community Function Store. The project focuses on ease of use through its UI and CLI which can be used to test and monitor functions. Observability and auto-scaling for demand are provided through integrations with Prometheus and AlertManager.

OpenFaaS won Best Cloud Computing Software 2017 from InfoWorld and has a thriving community with 70 contributors, 1500 commits and over 9k stars.



Kiwi.com v ZOO
Slovenská zástava Prednáška DevOps

Stanislav Komanec (SK)

Počas posledných mesiacov, kedy naša firma rástla neuveriteľným tempom, sa začal objavovať probém zdieľania best-practice naprieč Kiwi.com. V micro-service orientovanej architektúre bolo nemožné, aby jeden človek mal prehľad nad technologickým stackom všetkých služieb. S týmto problémom sme sa rozhodli bojovať a vytvoriť službu, ktorá si bude držať nad všetkými repozitármi prehľad a bude automaticky auditovať jednolivé projekty. Poukážem na nevyhnutnosť používania systémov, ktoré uľahčujú prácu a súčastne sa poutžívajú na zvyšovanie kvality servicov.

Spravovanie vysoko-dostupných aplikácii v produkcii
Slovenská zástava Workshop DevOps

Matej Vetrák & Matej Čapkovič (SK)

In this workshop we’ll look at common problems that all developers are facing in the latest trends of the ever changing scalable app world. We’ll learn how to deploy, scale, and manage high-available microservices using Docker, Kubernetes and other open-source tools.

We will also address some of these problems: building and deploying applications, pipelines, rolling updates, load balancing, scaling, replication, configuration, health checking and self healing, monitoring, alerting, log aggregation, resource constraints, capacity planning, data stores, security, key management, debugging and best practices.

Who should attend?

People who are interested in containerized applications, are in the process of moving to microservice architecture or are managing high-available production environments.

Why you should attend?

You want to start using Kubernetes in development and production.

You are already using Kubernetes, but you are not ready for production.

You would like to better understand new trend of high-available microservices.

How to prepare for the workshop?

Bring laptop with installed minikube: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/tools/install-minikube/
and docker: https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/

Je SRE ďalšou zástavkou na našej DevOps ceste?
Anglická zástava Prednáška DevOps

Martin Strycek (SK)

Over past few years we see significant raise in technology requirements, complexity of managing and delivering high reliability systems. Based on our first-hand experience we see that there does not exist one silver bullet way of doing DevOps and way how you manage Continuous Delivery features. At Kiwi.com the transformation went from small applications to complex micro services architectures. This change did also impact the infrastructure not only by numbers of servers, also on complexity of the system and ended with hybrid model of cloud and bare metal solution. In this talk I will cover how our team of DevOps and Engineers battles with tasks such as deployment to many enviroments, infrastructure changes, monitoring and also creation of processes and runbooks. We believe that this talk can inspire you to adapt changes within your teams and never stop improving how you manage your infrastructure.

Serverless with OpenFaaS and Python
Anglická zástava Workshop DevOps

Alex Ellis & Stefan Prodan (GB)

We'll go through the basics of OpenFaaS with Python such as:

* Initial setup
* Create a function
* Access HTTP Headers, environment variables and secrets
* Add a new language template
* Troubleshooting
* Chaining functions
* Async functions
* Monitoring functions
* Securing OpenFaaS for public use (TLS, Basic Auth)
* Object storage with Minio

Premeňte svoju infraštruktúru na Skynet pomocou systému QUADS
Anglická zástava Prednáška DevOps

Will Foster (IE)

The very small 2-person DevOps team within Red Hat Performance/Scale Engineering has developed a set of Open Source Python-based systems and network automation provisioning tools designed to end-to-end automate the provisioning of large-scale systems and network switches using tools like Foreman, Ansible, and other Open Source bits.

QUADS – or “quick and dirty scheduler” allows a normally overburdened DevOps warrior to fully automate large swaths of systems and network devices based on a schedule, even set systems provisioning to fire off in the future so they can focus on important things like Netflix and popcorn or not reading your emails while your datacenter burns in an inferno of rapid, automated skynet provisioning. QUADS will also auto-generate up-to-date infrastructure documentation, track scheduling, systems assignments and more.

In this talk we’ll show you how we’re using QUADS (backed by Foreman) to empower rapid, meaningful performance and scale testing of Red Hat products and technologies. While QUADS is a new project and under constant development, the design approach to handling large-scale systems provisioning as well as the current codebase is consumable for others interested in improving the efficiency and level of automation within their infrastructure.

We'll also dive into purposeful development design choices, how some of these choices might not scale for the future (but work well at present) and provide a future roadmap of a new redesign based on Flask, Celery, Sqlite and friends.

Majordómova paradigma
Anglická zástava Prednáška DevOps

Gareth Brown (GB)

The Concierge Paradigm idea was born over time but initially came from challenges we had by working out how to operate scalable and enterprise-grade application containers. This meant monitoring, logging, deploying, scaling, load-balancing and service discovery. We needed to do this both on-premise and in AWS. We were running some docker tasks in ECS and a Kubernetes and CoreOS cluster on-premise but we hadn't chosen these by researching different options, they were pretty much the first options we came across. We'd felt the difficulties of our decision, so started to look out to the wider community at other options.

This is the story of what we discovered. How we made our application monitoring more efficient and accurate; how we radically simplified the infrastructure needed for running containers and how we utilised Zabbix as an container scheduler.

Do Googlu za 80 dní
Anglická zástava Prednáška DevOps

František Benko (SK)

We invite You on the journey of making Exponea and it's multi-terabyte in-memory databases possible in the containerized environment of the Google Cloud.
Join us as we grasp the wheel of our multi-server hardware-based spaceship, navigate through the dangerous oceans of no-downtime live migrations to safely dock in the calm waters of Google bay or did we?

Základy Ansible Workshop
Slovenská zástava Workshop DevOps

Tomáš Pytel & Daniel Dobiaš (SK)

Na workshope si predstavíme základné princípy "DevOps" vývoja. Účastník sa naučí dobrým praktikám počas vývoja softvéru. V Ansible si bude vedieť deploynúť celú aplikáciu do "Cloudu".

Čo sa naučí v Ansible :
- Vytvorenie Používateľa
- Zakladné nastavenie systému
- Základy Firewall
- Základy práce s GitHub
- Základy práce s SSH
- Inštalácia Python a Modulov
- Deploy aplikácie
- Nastavenie webserveru

Všetko samozrejme automatizovane a reprodukovateľne.

Workshop je primárne určený pre tých ktorí začínajú s vývojom aplikácií a chcú to robiť dobre. Nie je určený pre pokročilých používateľov, alebo tých ktorí už majú skúsenosti s deploymentom.