Miroslav Šedivý

Miroslav Šedivý (DE)


Senior Software Architect at UBIMET GmbH. Born in Czechoslovakia, studied in France, living in Germany. Using Python to make the sun shine and the wind blow. hjkl juggler and languages enthusiast.

Started with Python while it was in version 2.5, but moved to Python 3 in the past years. Types in Neovim and IPython and usually imports few libs from the asyncio and pandas ecosystem. Enjoys discovering the world of unicode and timezones.

Vim pre Python, Python vo Vim-e
Anglická zástava Prednáška Python všeobecne
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Friday 09. March: 16:15

What do you use to write source code, docs, books or e-mails? Single brain, single pair of hands, single keyboard, but a different keyboard layout for each language and a different text editor for each purpose?


Do you use an IDE to work on Python code, then switch to an e-mail client to write a message, then open a different editor to work on the documentation and finally ssh to a remote server to edit a configuration file? Do you switch languages frequently or are your colleagues named Müller, François, Muñoz or even Šedivý?

I'll show you how I am happily typing in several languages on a single standard US keyboard layout and why my CapsLock became so useful.

I'll show you how I use a single editor on all my machines to produce all sorts of text, especially Python code with a few useful plugins.

I'll show you my own plugin written in Python to hack my e-mails far beyond imagination.